101 in 1001 Adventure

My Life-Changing 101 in 1001 Adventure!

I am excited to share my 101 in 1001 days adventure! I’ve joined the Day Zero Project to start an adventure of growth, learning, and becoming a better version of myself. If you haven’t heard of this project, it simply means (as the name suggests) creating a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. You can find out more about the Day Zero Project HERE. There are three basic rules to creating a “101 List”:

  1. Tasks must be specific with a result that is clearly measurable or clearly defined.
  2. Tasks must be realistic and stretching (I may have added one goal {#47} that could be a really BIG “stretch” – but it would be a dream… you never know!)
  3. Tasks must be completed within 1,001 days, equivalent to about 2.75 years (33ish months).

You can list all 101 items in one list or break them into categories as I have below. There are no “rules” on what must be on your list or how you organize it. I’m going to keep track along the way of which goals & how many have been accomplished. I hope you follow along with my adventure and that it inspires you to create your own 101 in 1001 adventure list!


Start Date:  July 5, 2024
Finish Date: April 2, 2027
Tasks Accomplished: 0
Tasks In Progress: 0


  1. Read the Entire Bible
  2. Participate in a Scripture Writing Challenge
  3. Prayer Walk Our Home
  4. Join Moms in Prayer at E’s School
  5. Sing at Church
  6. Start a Women’s Bible Study Group
  7. Go on a Spiritual Retreat


  1. Host Family Sunday Dinners Again
  2. Monthly Non-Negotiable Dates with Hubby
  3. Monthly Non-Negotiable Dates with Kids
  4. Have Yes Day with Kids
  5. Teach Elsie to Swim
  6. Celebrate 10th Anniversary (Special)
  7. Celebrate My Bridesmaids
  8. Celebrate Hubby Graduating College
  9. Help Hubby Establish His Company


  1. Stop Cursing
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Learn to Play the Piano
  4. Learn to Play the Cello
  5. Learn to Salsa Dance
  6. Find My Daily Makeup Look
  7. Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  8. Try Subtle Hair Glitter
  9. Paint My Nails a Different Color Each Month for a Year (Looks Pretty & Helps with Nail Biting Habit)
  10. Get Permanent Jewelry
  11. New Tattoo – Mama Lion & 3 Cubs
  12. New Tattoo – Soundwave
  13. Preserve Wedding Dress
  14. Declutter Phone & Organize/ Store Photos
  15. Donate 101 Things
  16. Create a Must Read Book List & Read 12 Books
  17. Get E on a Schedule
  18. Join PTA at E’s School
  19. Prepare EOW Packets
  20. Host Monthly Girls Night


  1. Complete My College Degree & Walk at Graduation (with Honors & Phi Theta Kappa)
  2. Renew Passport & Apply for TSA Pre-Check
  3. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard
  4. See a Broadway Play
  5. Purchase Unclaimed Mail Package(s)
  6. Create a Travel Bucket List & Visit at Least 2 States
  7. Cuddle a Sloth
  8. Special Trip – B
  9. Special Trip – S
  10. Special Trip – E
  11. Meet the Cast of The Rookie!
  12. Skydive


  1. 30 Day Challenge: Drink Water Everyday
  2. Reach Goal Weight of 125
  3. Detox Sugar
  4. Run 5K
  5. Run Spartan & take Spartan Kiss Photo with Hubby
  6. Research Benefits & Attempt Ice Bath
  7. Learn about Essential Oils
  8. Try a Salt Room
  9. Try a Floating Tank


  1. Officially Register Mommy Love Media as an LLC
  2. Custom Email for MLM
  3. Create a Media Kit for MLM
  4. Create a Linked In
  5. Learn How to Use My DLSR Camera
  6. Learn HTML
  7. Learn & Master SEO
  8. Re-Establish Contributor Position at Daily Mom
  9. Attend 2 Blog Conferences
  10. Launch Celebrate Today Blog Series
  11. Be Published in a Print Magazine
  12. Write a Book
  13. Attend a Media Event
  14. Attend a Red Carpet Event
  15. Interview 5 Bloggers/Content Creators or Entrepreneurs that Inspire Me
  16. Social Media – 5,000+ Followers on All Platforms
  17. E-Mail Subscribers 1,000+
  18. Monetize YouTube & TikTok
  19. Host a Blog Anniversary Celebration (July 2025)


  1. Work from Home
  2. Pay Off Debt
  3. Purchase Our 1st Home
  4. Emergency Savings – 6+ Months
  5. Create a Coupon Stockpile – 1 Year of Supplies
  6. Save $5 for Every Goal Achieved on this List


  1. Create a Home Garden
  2. Grow Shampoo Plants (Also Garlic, Elderberry, Turmeric, Ginger & Cherries)
  3. Dehydrate Food
  4. Build a Chicken Coop


  1. Complete 10 of My Favorite Pinterest Finds
  2. Upcycle a Thrift Find
  3. Turn an Inspirational Quote into Home Décor
  4. Blue Line Photoshoot
  5. Complete 1-Second Everyday Challenge
  6. Complete 52 Photography Prompts
  7. Complete a Self Portrait Photo Project
  8. Complete an Awareness Photo Project
  9. Surprise #1
  10. Visit a Farmer’s Market & Make Dinner from Purchase Only
  11. Learn 10 Puerto Rican Recipes
  12. Bake Sourdough Bread from Scratch
  13. Bake a Naked Cake
  14. Make a Poke Bowl at Home
  15. Cook through an Entire Cookbook


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